Happy Post Thanksgiving!

Attic Cartomancy All Deck Black Friday Weekend SaleDid everyone survive their be grateful and get ridiculously stuffed day? And now we’re all staring down the dark abyss that is Black Friday. Personally? I’m staying home and under my comfy blanket. I’ve no desire to wrestle other shoppers for great deals. I do come from that one Michigan town that always ends up on the news today because some poor shopper gets mowed down at Walmart every year. Anyhoo! I’m actually spending the day packaging and working on my tarot stuffs. I don’t want to overlook the biggest shopping day of the year though. So this weekend I’m running a sale that makes all my decks available for four days. And yes, that does include the post-IGG campaign version of the Lydia Tarot. I won’t be doing too many dedicated decks sales beyond the Lydia deck until I get that campaign all wrapped up. So this is a chance to grab my other decks before the end of the year. Please note that I can’t guarantee any decks arriving in time for xmas. On a better note – all sales from this weekend will get a few surprise cards from my current fan deck. πŸ™‚ So without further ado, please visit my brand new Attic Cartomancy Gift Shoppe!!